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We want like to take a moment to welcome you to Colucci's Jewelers - Myrtle Beach's premier jewelry store for more than 60 years. We are so happy that you decided to visit our website! We hope that while you're here, you will begin to get a sense of why so many customers choose Colucci's Jewelers over other jewelry stores near Myrtle Beach, SC.
In an industry known for snobby salespeople and overpriced items, Colucci's Jewelers brings warm smiles and affordable prices to jewelry shoppers in the Lowcountry. Unlike other jewelers near Myrtle Beach, the Colucci team focuses on providing customers with an unmatched jewelry experience, from the moment they pull into our parking lot to the minute they leave our showroom. We believe our customers deserve special attention, and our goal is to provide them with friendly, personalized service every time they visit.

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The Colucci Difference

As a certified jeweler with more than 50 years in the industry, Stefan Colucci has built his reputation on excellence and execution. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for precision, Stefan pours his heart into every custom-made piece of jewelry, repair, restoration, and appraisal that he completes at Colucci's Jewelers. With consistent craftsmanship and impressive attention to detail, Stefan's ability to cater to all your jewelry needs will exceed your expectations every time.
While Stefan focuses on creating unforgettable custom jewelry for you or your loved one, his wife Summer specializes in customer service. Kind, patient, and knowledgeable in her own right, Summer will take all the time necessary to answer your questions and guide you through the jewelry selection process. Whether you're stressed out looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring or need to restore a priceless family heirloom, Summer will make sure you receive the attention you deserve.
When you shop at Colucci's Jewelry, understand that we will never try to pressure you into a purchase or provide you with lackluster service if you're "window shopping." We treat each of our customers with the same exceptional care, whether they are repeat clients or new faces.
Colucci's is a name you can trust - there's a reason we were voted Best Jeweler in 2019 by Readers Choice!

Jewelry Stores Myrtle Beach, SC

We offer several different jewelry styles and services near Myrtle Beach, from breathtaking engagement rings to extensive repairs. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our specialties.

 Jewelry Repair Myrtle Beach, SC

Diamond Engagement Rings near Myrtle Beach

Proposing to the love of your life is one of the most beautiful, memorable moments that two people will ever share as a couple. An engagement ring symbolizes love and acceptance; it epitomizes trust and commitment. While no two proposals will ever be exactly the same, there is one constant that will always remain true: the diamond engagement ring you choose from Colucci's Jewelers will give you a lifetime of pleasure and contentment.
We understand that choosing the right engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you can make. That is why we pair the finest engagement jewelry near Myrtle Beach, SC, with one-on-one showings and helpful advice - to ensure that you discover dazzling rings at an affordable price. With the Colucci team by your side, we take second-guessing out of the equation, so you can focus on popping the question with confidence. After all, a diamond engagement ring is meant to be cherished for a lifetime!

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Engagement Ring

We find that taking the time to give our clients as much information as possible makes their experience easier and more enjoyable. Before you visit our store in person, consider the following factors when choosing an engagement ring:

  • Ring Size: Knowing your fiance's ring size is crucial, especially if you're planning a surprise without her knowing. Borrow one of her rings and bring it to Colucci's Jewelers, and we will measure free of charge. For the perfect fit, we can also resize her ring when the time is right.
  • Jewelry Preference: Sapphire? Ruby? Emerald? Diamond? At Colucci Jewelry, we have a wide range of gemstones to choose from which to choose, as well as settings and metal types. Ask your fiancee's friends or family for tips, or better yet, ask her yourself if you can do so without spoiling the surprise.
  • 4 C's: The four C's represent color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. If you're just starting your search, this system might be foreign to you, but it is a trusted grading system used throughout the world. We recommend you visit Colucci's Jewelers for a quick education on this system, so you can find a quality diamond at a price that fits within your budget.
 Full Service Jewelry Store Myrtle Beach, SC

On-Site Jewelry Services near Myrtle Beach

 Best Jewelry Store Myrtle Beach, SC

With regular care and maintenance, your piece of fine jewelry from Colucci's Jewelers will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether your favorite emerald necklace needs cleaning or a small diamond in your engagement ring is loose, we are happy to help. With more than 50 years of experience as Colucci's Jewelers' in-house repair expert, Stefan Colucci will handle your jewelry with care and compassion. Stefan is also highly skilled at creating designer jewelry near Myrtle Beach, SC. If you have a grand idea for a custom jewelry project, Stefan will consult with you one-on-one to turn your dream into reality.

In addition to the above services, Colucci Jewelers also offers:

  • Class Rings
  • Cash for Gold
  • Gold Dealer Services
  • Consignment Services
  • Custom Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Luxury Watches
  • Luxury Watch Repair
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Same-Day Jewelry Repair
  • Gold Coins for Sale
  • Restringing

Don't risk sending your jewelry off to another state or country to be repaired by someone you can't see or talk to - as the premier on-site jewelry store near Myrtle Beach, we will handle all of your jewelry needs in person, with hard work and a smile.

If you need to get your fine jewelry appraised for insurance purposes, Colucci's Jewelers can help.

It's a great idea to get your jewelry appraised periodically. As the years pass along, the value of your precious metals and gemstones can fluctuate. If your last appraisal was more than two years ago, you could run into problems with your insurance coverage. If your jewelry is insured for less than its replacement value, you could lose a substantial amount of money if it is stolen or lost.

To help prevent situations like this from happening, our on-site jeweler Stefan Colucci will provide you with an up-to-date appraisal report based on your jewelry's current market value. That way, you can update your insurance accordingly.

We also specialize in estate jewelry appraisals, so you know exactly how much your old jewelry is worth if you are thinking of selling.

Our appraisal services include:

  • Diamond Appraisals
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Court Appraisals
  • Estate Jewelry Appraisals
  • Cash Offer for Appraised Jewelry

Jewelry Appraisal Services near Myrtle Beach

 Cash For Jewelry Myrtle Beach, SC
 Buy Your Rolex Myrtle Beach, SC

Sell Your Jewelry near Myrtle Beach

Selling jewelry from years past can be a hard experience. Estate jewelry, in particular, can have sentimental value attached and can be hard to sell. This is because jewelry is often a symbol of achievement or affection, such as your class ring from high school or your grandmother's wedding band. At Colucci's Jewelers, we understand the connection to old jewelry and appreciate the memories and value you have with these antique pieces.

In addition to the personal value, antique and estate jewelry can be quite valuable from a monetary standpoint. Estate jewelry is extremely popular in this day and age. Many Lowcountry locals are selling their vintage pieces to trusted jewelry stores near Myrtle Beach, SC, like Colucci's Jewelers.

Many customers choose to sell their jewelry to Colucci's Jewelers because we offer an intimate, honest experience - something that you will certainly not receive if you list your jewelry for sale on an internet marketplace. We will be upfront with you every step of the way to help separate personal value from monetary value, and will present you with a fair offer to consider.

If you are interested in selling your jewelry, we encourage you to visit our showroom to meet our staff and get an accurate appraisal of your jewelry's worth.

We buy a multitude of different jewelry, including:
  • Estate Jewelry
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Male Wedding Rings
  • Female Wedding Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • All-Things Rolex

Myrtle Beach's Most Trusted Jewelry Store

We are proud and grateful to have served thousands of customers looking for quality jewelry and a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. We would love the opportunity to speak with you face-to-face so that we can learn what you're looking for and what you love about jewelry. Whether you're looking for a custom diamond engagement ring or need friendly advice about what looks right, we are here help.

Latest News in Myrtle Beach, SC

Should Myrtle Beach have a Trader Joe's?

People social distance as they wait to get into the Trader Joe's store to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in Bloomfield Hills Michigan on March 30, 2020. - Trader Joe's only lets 20 customers in the store at a time to shop. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP) (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)HORRY COUNTY, SC (WPDE) — Trader Joe’s recently announced it would be opening a second store in ...

People social distance as they wait to get into the Trader Joe's store to avoid the spread of COVID-19 in Bloomfield Hills Michigan on March 30, 2020. - Trader Joe's only lets 20 customers in the store at a time to shop. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP) (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WPDE) — Trader Joe’s recently announced it would be opening a second store in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

This will be the fourth location that they have opened in South Carolina.

Yet, the fastest-growing city in America is still without the neighborhood grocery store that comes with a whole bunch of its own unique name-brand products.

ABC15 reached out to Trader Joe’s to find out how they go about choosing locations, and if they’re planning on opening any stores in Myrtle Beach.

They said they’re currently looking at hundreds of neighborhoods across the country, and luckily, Myrtle Beach is one of them!

In a statement to WPDE, Trader Joe's Public Relations Manager Nakia Rohde stated:

Thank you for reaching out. We are actively looking at hundreds of neighborhoods across the country, including Myrtle Beach, as we hope to open more new neighborhood stores each year. At this time, we do not have a location to confirm in Myrtle Beach, however, we are grateful that there is interest.

On their podcast, "Inside Trader Joe's - Episode 52: How to Make a Trader Joe's (Part One)," they talk extensively about what goes into opening a new store.

One of the main things they look for while picking a new location is customer demand. If Trader Joe's deems a location has the demand, the next step is to send out one of their brokers to search for sites.

The broker will then submit several locations to corporate for review. Each site is then put through a thorough checks and balances system that includes all sorts of things like truck accessibility to the population.

It has to check every box. Then, they have an internal review where they dive into even more details.

Only 10% of the locations make it through the entire process to be chosen as a new store. From there, Trader Joe’s can open a store in as fast as 30 days or as long as two years depending on the circumstances.

An organization in the Grand Strand said they would love to have a Trader Joe's in the area and have the customer demand part covered.

Senior Adventures in Learning and Travel or SALT, offers enrichment classes and all types of trips, and they said one of their regular trips to Trader Joe's is always in extremely high demand.

“We head to Trader Joe’s. We head to Wilmington. We have participants that love Trader Joe’s, love Trader Joe’s products. I mean they have a list. We give them an hour. It’s very, very fun,” said Kelli Barker, the Co-Owner of SALT.

Barker added that the Trader Joe’s trips fill up fast! They only allow 10 people in the 15-person van so they can still have plenty of room for coolers and all of their favorite products.

They also usually stop for an educational tour, and lunch on the way, adding to the adventure.

Despite the almost two-hour drive, SALT members said they love to go to Trader Joe's because it’s not just any neighborhood grocery store.

The people that work there are happy to be there, and they are more than happy to help you,” said Sheila Rudesill, a SALT Member, "And there’s a lot of different things that other grocery stores don’t offer.

While the SALT members enjoy all the fun they have on their road trip, they wish they didn’t have to make the commute. They want a store somewhere in Horry County.

If not for their unique list of products, then for the value the Trader Joe’s name brand brings to an area.

“They add value to any neighborhood that they go into. They are one of the few grocery stores that if they go into a neighborhood, they increase the value of the houses there, and that tells you right there that Trader Joe’s is a phenomenal, phenomenal company,” said Rudesill.

If you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s and need some suggestions of things to try, a few of SALT's members have recommendations for you.

The Spinach artichoke dip or the chocolate lava cakes,” said SALT member Sue Keller.
Mandarin orange chicken and vegetable fried rice,” said Rudesill.
The salted caramel chocolates,” said SALT member Linda Doolittle

Trader Joe's actually has an online form that anyone can fill out to request a new store location. So, if you would love to have a store come to Myrtle Beach, let them know here.

Softball Game Preview: North Myrtle Beach Chiefs vs. West Florence Knights

The North Myrtle Beach Chiefs have the luxury of staying home for another game and will welcome the West Florence Knights at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Both teams come into the matchup bolstered by wins in their previous matches.Last Saturday, North Myrtle Beach was able to gr...

The North Myrtle Beach Chiefs have the luxury of staying home for another game and will welcome the West Florence Knights at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Both teams come into the matchup bolstered by wins in their previous matches.

Last Saturday, North Myrtle Beach was able to grind out a solid win over Whiteville, taking the game 8-3.

Lilly Carney and Isabella Bruno did most of the damage at the plate: Carney scored two runs while going 3-for-3, while Bruno went 3-for-3 with a triple and two RBI. Another player making a difference was Sadie Olson, who scored two runs and stole a base.

Meanwhile, in what's become a running theme this season, West Florence gave their fans yet another huge victory on Monday. They never let Sumter onto the board and left with a 14-0 win. West Florence's hitters stepped up their game for this one, as that was the most runs they've scored all season.

North Myrtle Beach is on a roll lately: they've won five of their last six contests, which provided a nice bump to their 9-9 record this season. As for West Florence, the victory was the third in a row for them, bringing their record for this year to 7-2.

North Myrtle Beach suffered a grim 7-0 defeat to West Florence in their previous matchup back in March. A big factor in that loss was the dominant performance of West Florence's Annie Ruth Eliason, who didn't allow a single earned run and only two hits while striking out 13 over seven innings pitched. Now that North Myrtle Beach knows the damage she can cause, will they be able to stop her this time? Check after the match to find out.

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations Celebrates Grand Opening of Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort

Classified in: Tourism and vacations, Business Subjects: PDT, CXPBeachfront Resort Will Redefine Coastal City Tourism LandscapeORLANDO, Fla....

Classified in: Tourism and vacations, Business Subjects: PDT, CXP

Beachfront Resort Will Redefine Coastal City Tourism Landscape

ORLANDO, Fla., April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated, an international vacation ownership company, today announced the grand opening of its newest property, Holiday Inn Club Vacations Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort. Located on the stunning shores of Myrtle Beach, this purpose-built resort ? the first in a multi-phase development ? promises to be a luxurious retreat for travelers seeking the ultimate beachfront experience. Located directly across the street from its sister resort, South Beach Resort, this property is a testament to the company's passion for growing its presence in sought-after destinations, while also building on its 15-year presence in this burgeoning, coastal city.

To commemorate the opening, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today to celebrate this milestone occasion that featured remarks from several distinguished speakers, including The Honorable Brenda Bethune, Mayor of the city of Myrtle Beach; Jay Caiafa, Chief Operating Officer, Americas, IHG Hotels & Resorts; and Spence Wilson, Jr., Principal of Kemmons Wilson Companies and Board Member of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated.

"To be here to inaugurate the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering extraordinary vacation experiences in this amazing destination," stated John Staten, President and CEO of Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated. "This resort marks the initial phase of a multifaceted development, and what a great milestone to be here today, celebrating the unveiling of this magnificent resort and recognizing the contributions of countless individuals who have made this day possible. With this resort, we have just another opportunity to continually revolutionize the vacation-ownership sector by being customer obsessed and focused on empowering our teams to exceed guest expectations."

Boasting meticulously designed villas, each offering breathtaking views of the pristine coastline, Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort sets a new standard for luxury and relaxation. Guests will have access to a range of amenities, including a multi-level pool, beachside activity lawn, private cabanas, and more, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

"The opening of Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort is a significant milestone for our city and its tourism industry," said Brenda Bethune, the Mayor of Myrtle Beach. "This resort represents not only a new destination for travelers seeking luxury accommodations and unparalleled amenities, but also a vital addition to our tourism landscape. As we continue to attract visitors from near and far, Holiday Inn Club Vacations has proven to be a great ambassador to our city by providing a welcoming place for families to stay while enjoying Myrtle Beach for the last 15 years, and its new Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort will continue to play a critical role in enhancing the overall experience for our guests."

Since acquiring the beachfront property in early 2022, Holiday Inn Club Vacations has been developing this brand-new resort. Since its initial phase is complete, Holiday Inn Club Vacations now boasts a total of 435 villas ? between Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort and South Beach Resort ? with nearly one quarter of those dedicated to Signature Collection, the company's luxury product.

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort offers 152 one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom villas, ranging in size from 746 to nearly 1,900 square feet, and all featuring patios and ocean views. Resort guests will enjoy direct beach access, a beachside activity lawn, multi-level pool, outdoor fire pit with lounge seating, poolside hot tubs, private cabanas, fitness center, Grab 'n Go marketplace with café, indoor and outdoor dining, poolside bar, indoor and outdoor activity centers, covered parking and an exclusive Signature Collection lounge.

For more information on Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort, click here.

About Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated Encompassing resorts across the United States and the Mexican Caribbean, Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated is a resort, real estate, and travel company with a mission to be the most loved brand in family travel by delivering easy-to-plan, memorable vacation experiences that strengthen families.

Based in Orlando, Fla., the company has been a leader in the vacation ownership industry since 1982, when Holiday Inn® founder Kemmons Wilson debuted the company's flagship property, Holiday Inn Club Vacations® at Orange Lake Resort, next to Orlando's Walt Disney World® Resort.

Today, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort portfolio spans across the United States, and into the Mexican Caribbean, with the company's international expansion in May 2023. Throughout its history, the company has maintained the core family values true to its founding Wilson family, while aggressively pursuing growth, transforming its member engagement model and building an industry-leading team passionate about the guest experience.

SOURCE Holiday Inn Club Vacations

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How likely is a white Christmas in Myrtle Beach, S.C? It happened once before.

Could Myrtle Beach get a white Christmas this year?Christmas snow, to most Myrtle Beach area locals, is the stuff of holiday movies. In fact, many northerners, fondly nicknamed “snowbirds,” migrate to the Grand Strand every winter to escape the deep freeze of their home climes. But for those living in the area 33 years ago, 1989 was a Christmas they will never forget.Horry locals struggled to recover from Hurricane Hugo that year when the entire area was plunged into a deep freeze in late December.On Dec. 22,...

Could Myrtle Beach get a white Christmas this year?

Christmas snow, to most Myrtle Beach area locals, is the stuff of holiday movies. In fact, many northerners, fondly nicknamed “snowbirds,” migrate to the Grand Strand every winter to escape the deep freeze of their home climes. But for those living in the area 33 years ago, 1989 was a Christmas they will never forget.

Horry locals struggled to recover from Hurricane Hugo that year when the entire area was plunged into a deep freeze in late December.

On Dec. 22, The Sun News reported frigid temperatures. Still, it said, “anyone hoping for a white Christmas will probably be disappointed,” citing a regional climatologist who expected warmer temperatures to prevail by the holiday.

Then, that very evening, the snow began to fall - and fall - and fall.

From the evening of Dec. 22 through Dec. 24, the entire area was covered with almost 15 inches of the white stuff. Loris recorded 14.5 inches of snow, Murrells Inlet had 11 inches and the sands of Myrtle Beach were covered in 14 inches of the winter precipitation that would last well through the holiday as temperatures plummeted into the low teens - even single digits inland.

According to the National Weather Service, it was the largest snowstorm in history for the South East coast.

It was a true winter wonderland for area locals. In rural fields, youths hitched homemade sleds, of trash-can lids and old car hoods, to 4-wheelers and slung their buddies across the frozen tundra.

Cars did playful donuts in mall parking lots.

On Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, The Sun News interviewed tourists who used the snow skis they’d brought for a planned trip to the mountains to ski down Ocean Boulevard.

The paper featured a picture of a 27-foot snow sculpture of an elf in Murrells Inlet.

But, according to those same articles, the arctic temperatures, snow, and ice created myriad problems for which The Grand Strand wasn’t prepared. The headlines from that week read: ‘Outages Bring Cold Home,’ ‘Snowstorm puts the breaks on shopping on Grand Strand,’ ‘Frozen water pipes put damper on holiday for some in Horry,’ and ‘Storm brings too much snow.’

Those stories describe people stranded during the holiday as the airport was closed, widespread power outages, and municipal workers missing Christmas with their families as they helped to treat frozen roads and dig stranded motorists from snow drifts.

According to Ed Piotrowski, Chief Meteorologist at WPDE ABC15, “It’s so hard to get it to snow around here that 99 out of 100 times it’s a miss.”

He says the reason the Myrtle Beach area so rarely gets snow is that the area must first have days of below-freezing temperatures combined with a low-pressure system perfectly situated just off the South East coast to draw in enough moisture for snow to fall.

But, “more often than not,” he says, that low pressure develops too close to our coast and draws in the warmer moisture that results in sleet or rain.

Tim Armstrong, meteorologist and climate program leader for The National Weather Service Wilmington, said “Although cold air occurs every winter, climate data from the North Myrtle Beach airport shows an average of only 30 nights a year with freezing temperatures recorded.”

Additionally, our area typically only averages one or two days a year when temperatures fail to climb above freezing and those most often occur in January and February, according to records.

Armstrong agrees the odds of snow are rarely in our favor in Myrtle Beach, “the long-term annual average snowfall is only 0.9 inches per year, however, most years have no measurable snow at all,” he reports.

However, last year the Myrtle Beach area got its first measurable snowfall since 2014 on Jan. 29, 2022 with an inch falling in Conway. The National Weather Service records that event here.

The National Weather Center is not predicting a snow event for the holiday this year because of a warming trend in December.

But, snowfall is still a possibility this winter.

Forecasters say that El Nino conditions have returned and that means a higher than average chance of precipitation through the winter of 2024.

Jordan Baker, a NWS meteorologist in Wilmington, says “there are some chances for chilly days and with the expected rainfall, if things, match up we could get snow.”

Those perfect snowstorm conditions that we had in 1989 are just not expected to line up in December this year.

But as 1989 proved, forecasters don’t know everything.

These 8 rooftop bars elevate your ocean and sunset views in Myrtle Beach SC area

The Myrtle Beach area is known for its amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets and plethora of great restaurants and food.But if you want to get an elevated view of the Grand Strand, there are several rooftop bars that offer just that.Here are eight places to visit:Sitting along the Boardwalk, the Myrtle Beach spot at 1210 N. Ocean Blvd. is part restaur...

The Myrtle Beach area is known for its amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets and plethora of great restaurants and food.

But if you want to get an elevated view of the Grand Strand, there are several rooftop bars that offer just that.

Here are eight places to visit:

Sitting along the Boardwalk, the Myrtle Beach spot at 1210 N. Ocean Blvd. is part restaurant and part beach bar. Diners can eat oceanfront, which includes the rooftop bar.

It has become a dining attraction for visitors in downtown Myrtle Beach.

This North Myrtle Beach spot is a rooftop dance and party bar, where people can listen to a DJ nightly playing R&B, Top 40 and club music.

Located along the city’s main drag at 214 Main St., the bar is just one block from the ocean.

The restaurant and bar, located at 1410 N. Ocean Blvd., overlooks Myrtle Beach’s Boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean. It also has rooftop patio where diners can enjoy live music and dining.

Soho’s Myrtle Beach location at 407 21st Ave. N. “doubles as a savory eatery by day and a chic hotspot by night,” according to its website.

Located just two blocks from the ocean, Rooftop21 is an open air rooftop bar and lounge, offering food items, cocktails and a vertical garden wall.

Wicked Tuna has two locations, one in Murrells Inlet and the other in Myrtle Beach. In addition to its waterfront dining and great views of the MarshWalk, diners can take in the views from up high with outside dining on the deck.

Located at 1111 3rd Ave. in the historic district of Conway, Rivertown Bistro has a two-tiered main dining room, or diners can choose to dine on the upstairs deck that overlooks downtown Conway.

The culinary menu offers such food items as steaks, seafood and pasta.

This full-service marina and restaurant in Murrells Inlet not only offers food at The Quay Seafood Grille, it also offers customers a chance to take in the views of the marsh on its rooftop bar.

The marina, located at 1508 S. Waccamaw Drive, has two stories, with the first floor being interior dining and the second floor the rooftop bar. Reviewers say that the marina has the best sunset views aside from Key West, Florida.

Happy hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. and a new menu rolls out April 1.

For those looking for an Instgram worthy post, Gulfstream Cafe offers just that. Those dining at the Garden City restaurant at 1536 S. Waccamaw Drive, can head up to the rooftop deck and watch the sunset over the inlet.

The restaurant’s website says that it has been in business for more than 30 years, offering fresh seafood and southern favorites.


This website publishes news articles that contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. The non-commercial use of these news articles for the purposes of local news reporting constitutes "Fair Use" of the copyrighted materials as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright Law.