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Sell your Rolex watch

If you are tired of looking after your prized Rolex, you might want to sell it. The secondary watch market is growing at an amazing rate, and Rolex is among the most popular and highly sought after. Because of the high demand, selling a Rolex is easier than ever. Coluccis Jewelers will gladly purchase your Rolex.

When selling your watch, it’s important to have the original receipt for your Rolex. This can help you to get a better price than if you sell your Rolex without the receipt. Original receipts show that you purchased the watch brand new and that it was well cared for. Other pieces of information can be provided if you have the original paperwork and manuals. However, remember that you should not sell your watch for less than its worth.

Besides having original box, papers, and receipts, your Rolex will add value to your jewelry. The more complete your watch is, the higher its value will be. You should also service your Rolex regularly. Also, you should keep all the receipts for services and sizing. Remember that over-polishing can damage the case or bracelet of your Rolex. If you’re not sure, contact a company that specializes in evaluating watches.

The market for Rolex is constantly fluctuating, and you should sell your Rolex only when it makes sense. If you’re looking for cash, sell it before the next model is released, because then the price will drop. Likewise, if you own an antique or limited edition Rolex, selling your watch in a shorter time frame will not affect the value. It’s worth noting that the market is more stable now than it was a few years ago.

We Buy Rolex watches, offer you the best prices for your watch, and pay cash for your Rolex. When selling your Rolex to Coluccis Jewelers, you can expect to be paid the full value of your watch. Furthermore, you can expect a hassle free experience and know that Coluccis won’t undercut the value of your precious Rolex.