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We Buy Gold and Diamonds like most of the best jewelers in Charleston SC  but we take pride in every purchase.  We are in the business of buying and selling gold and silver pieces the honest and respectful way. You can get reasonable cash by selling your old jewelry, bridal jewelry, watches, and bullion to a good jewelry store.

The decision to sell old jewelry is not an easy one but when there is no other option but to sell it, there is no problem in meeting your need by selling it to good jewelers. If you do not choose the right and honest jewelers in Charleston SC, you can lose a lot of money. Better to be safe than sorry!  If you are selling jewelry to meet an urgent need for money, you are hardly alone. And if you are selling old jewelry to buy new jewelry, congratulations, you are going to take a great step; I warmly welcome your decision! In either case, it is important to choose an honest and trustworthy jeweler.

So What items can you sell to Charleston SC Jewelry Stores?

Old Jewelry

Before you sell old jewelry, you have to keep in mind that there are some costs to selling it. However, there are some significant financial and other benefits to selling old jewelry that you can take into account, for sure. There are two main reasons to sell old jewelry.

Reason 1: You want to sell old jewelry and buy new ones (they have a great selection to choose from, you can visit their online shop or visit their store.

Reason 2: You are in urgent need of money which you can afford by selling old jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry

The reasons for selling bridal jewelry are the same as those mentioned above for selling old jewelry. Rings and necklaces are the most prominent pieces in bridal jewelry that famous and reliable Charleston SC jewelry stores can buy in cash. Selling bridal jewelry is not as difficult as it is commonly thought. You can sell your old jewelry, necklaces, rings, and earrings at any time to meet your needs or buy new jewelry instead.

Luxury Watches

You can get good cash by selling luxury watches! If you have luxury watches and you are suddenly in immediate need of money, you can sell those watches instead of jewelry to meet your financial need.  In today’s modern world, luxury watches are not what they used to be in the old days. You can sell your luxury watch and use your Smartphone’s clock and alarm.

Here are some possible reasons to sell a luxury watch:

  • Divorce or split watch given as a gift after a divorce can add to your anxiety. So you can sell it and buy another watch.
  • Smart-watch some people sell their luxury watches to buy smartwatches. If you too want to buy a smartwatch, you can sell your luxury watch, and thus, you can save some money as an added advantage.
  • A sudden need for money if you find yourself in any of these situations, stop by Colucci’s Jewelers.  We buy all types of quality diamonds and gold pieces and we pay good money for it