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Inherited jewelry can be some of the most precious possessions we own. These pieces often hold sentimental value, as they have been passed down from generation to generation. But aside from their emotional worth, inherited jewelry can also carry a significant financial value. In this blog post, we will explore the stories behind heirloom pieces and their current value, as well as what you should do with your inherited jewelry.

Stories Behind Heirloom Pieces and Their Current Value

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One of the best things about inheriting jewelry is that it often comes with a story. Whether it was owned by a relative who lived through a historic period or has an interesting backstory, these tales can add to the piece’s overall value. For example, if your great-grandmother wore a particular necklace while she emigrated from Europe to America, that story could increase its monetary worth.

However, not all inherited jewelry has a high market value. It’s essential to understand the current state of the jewelry market and how it affects the price of your piece. Factors such as the type of stone, metal, and design can impact its value. Additionally, the condition of the jewelry plays a crucial role in determining its worth. A professionally appraised valuation can help you determine the true value of your inherited jewelry.

How Much is Your Inherited Jewelry Worth?

To get an accurate estimate of your inherited jewelry’s value, consider getting it appraised by a professional. An appraisal will provide you with a detailed report on the piece’s characteristics, including its materials, condition, and any flaws. This information can help you make informed decisions about selling or insuring your jewelry.

What To Do With Your Inherited Jewelry

Once you know the value of your inherited jewelry, you may want to decide whether to keep it for yourself or sell it. If you choose to keep it, there are several ways to showcase your family heirlooms. You could wear them on special occasions or display them in a glass case or shadow box. Alternatively, if you need extra cash, selling your inherited jewelry could be an option. However, before doing so, research the market to ensure you receive a fair price for your piece.


Inherited jewelry holds both emotional and financial value. By understanding the stories behind heirloom pieces and their current value, you can make informed decisions about what to do with your inherited jewelry. Whether you choose to keep it for yourself or sell it, knowing its worth can bring peace of mind.  If you have estate jewelry pieces you’re looking to sell swing by Colucci Jewelry

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