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Cash for Gold Direct: Your Trusted Partner Since 1959

Welcome to Cash for Gold Direct, where your gold and precious jewels are more than just ornaments; they're opportunities!

Legacy of Trust

A Legacy of Trust

Being in the business since 1959, we've built an enduring legacy rooted in trust, transparency, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Our longevity is a testament to our dedication to offering the best value for your jewelry.

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Why Choose Us?

Top Dollar for Your Gold

We are proud to state that we pay 10% more than our fellow competitors for gold, diamond, and estate jewelry. Why settle for less when you can get the best rates with us?

Expertise in Diamonds

As reputable diamond buyers, we ensure you get the best value for your diamonds, whether they're in rings, necklaces, or loose.

Estate Jewelry Buyer

We respect the sentimental and monetary value of your estate jewelry. Trust us to provide a fair and competitive price for your pieces.

Wide Range of Services

From being elite gold buyers to trusted jewelry buyers, we handle it all. Whether you're looking to sell gold watches, old jewelry, gold bars, or scrap silver, we're your go-to buyers of jewelry.

Our Specialties Include

Gold Bar

Gold Bar Buyers

We understand the significance of gold bars, both as investments and heirlooms. Trust us as your local buyers of gold bars.


Diamond Ring Buyers & Loose Diamond Buyers

Your diamonds deserve the best valuation. Whether set in a ring or loose, we're here for you.


High-End Jewelry Buyers

If you're seeking the best way to sell antique jewelry or other high-end pieces, you're in the right place.


Private Transactions

For those who value discretion, we also serve as private diamond buyers, private gold buyers, and private jewelry buyers.

Gold Jewelry

Resale Gold Jewelry

Upgrade or declutter with confidence. With our expertise in buying and selling gold jewelry, you're assured the best deals.


Loose Gemstone Buyers

Beyond diamonds and gold, we appreciate the value of all gemstones.

Quick, Easy, & Transparent

Want to buy broken gold? Looking for jewelers buying gold? Or perhaps you're searching for diamond purchasers? No matter your need, Cash for Gold Direct makes the process straightforward. Our expert team ensures every transaction is transparent and fair, allowing you peace of mind.

As your dedicated jewelry buyer, we also provide insights on the current market trends, making sure you're always informed. After all, an informed seller is a happy seller!

Final Thought

Final Thoughts

For decades, we've been the preferred choice for countless individuals looking to sell gold and jewelry. Our reputation as one of the leading diamond jewelry buyers and our commitment to offering competitive prices, especially for resale gold jewelry and high-end pieces, makes us stand out.

Join the Cash for Gold Direct family today and experience the difference. Whether you're selling, buying, or just seeking information, we're here to assist. Your trust is our legacy.