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Engagement Sets


A diamond engagement ring is one of the most vital and meaningful items you will ever give or get. While shopping for a diamond engagement ring can seem hard, it should be a creative, exciting, and enjoyable experience. We desire to help you get educated before you buy the precious gift. Here are some things to know before buying an engagement ring.

Shop with a trustworthy diamond jewelry

At the end of the day, where you shop is the most vital factor. Shop with a jeweler you believe in. Either ask for a referral from your family or friend or look for a well-established jeweler who has a big reputation for service and integrity, like jewelry stores that are members of Jewellers of America like Colucci’s jewelers.

Determine an engagement ring budget

How much to spend on a diamond engagement ring is your personal matter. The generally accepted guideline of 2 months’ salary was developed to be a directional tool to help establish the best budget. Once a budget is established, an expert jeweler will work with you to make sure you pick the first standard stone accessible at that price. You should never feel pressured to spend more, honest jewelers will make you relax and guide you toward the highest standard within your engagement ring budget. Most jewelry stores also provide financing, layaway, or other payment plans.

Shape and setting set style

The two things that have the largest impact on the style of your engagement ring are your center stone shape and your setting style. Shape variation of your diamond center stone shape (like princess, oval, round, emerald, etc), and each shape has a various style. Your engagement rings settings will also impact its style. Settings can be vintage-inspired, classic, unique, modern and so much more.

You can typically upgrade later

If you decided to go with a certain style, even if it’s smaller than what you want when you get engaged, bear in mind that you can forever upgrade down the line. It is very general to upgrade engagement rings for anniversaries or birthdays so, if your dream ring is not in your budget right now, know that you can forever upgrade your diamond or setting later.

Make sure it is covered

Make note of the jewelry return or exchange policy. If she would still favor a different ring, you will need to ensure you can exchange it. After you find the right ring, ensure you get it insured properly.

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